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The Shutdown: Trump’s Treasons Greeting Gift to Putin

I have no doubt that Trump will continue to push for a government shutdown.  After all, disabling the American government’s ability to respond to foreign threats while Cold War tensions continue to reach new heights is the ultimate gift for Trump to give his Russian crush Vlad (that keeps dangling that ever so tempting Trump Tower Moscow carrot in front of him).

Trump has plans to spend over 2 weeks milking millions upon millions of dollars from the American taxpayer directly into his own pocket down at Mar-a-Lago over a super-extended Christmas break.  Maybe instead he should be put in a bunker (already paid for by the US taxpayers) for his own safety due to the heightened security threat.  The last time Trump was pushing hard for a government shut down he had to miss his big party at Mar-a-Lago due to the security threat that he, himself, alone created.  We are now facing another serious threat and the chaos of a pending stock market collapse, people distracted by Christmas, and a partially disabled government.  Sure seems like Trump is all but inviting the Russians to attack while we are at our weakest point with our weakest leader.

Trump is a walking/talking (I mean lying) security threat.  Plus, that ever so strange Christmas video that Melania (a.k.a. “Mole of the Century”) put out for the whole world to see seemed to be signaling to Putin that Christmas would be a great time to attack through her bizarre choices of symbols and messages.

By Chris Madsen