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The Sealed Indictments: The New Black Friday?

There had been some talk going around as to how many sealed indictments Mueller has against Donald Trump and his associates.  It’s quite clear Trump fired Sessions so he could have Mueller fired.  He admitted that was his intent during an interview a few days ago.

So if Mueller is as good as everyone says he is then chances are he already has sealed indictments against Trump, Stone, and Trump Jr. at probably many, many others.  While Trump campaigned under “Drain the swamp” he has been way more successful at “Swamping the drain”.  I would not be surprised if the indictments were sealed to prevent Trump from known just how close he was getting.

Think about it.  There seems to be 2 logical outcomes. Either Mueller doesn’t get fired and gets to present his entire report to Congress and then the indictments are unsealed.  Or Mueller gets fired and the indictments are unsealed automatically and a report is still issued to Congress by his staff.  Either way Mueller completes his job.  The sealed indictments seem to act as an insurance policy that no matter what happens Mueller still completes the task he was assigned.

Mueller seems to like Fridays to take action.  He gets less attention on himself that way. Black Friday is coming up and virtually the entire country will be distracted with family, travel, shopping, etc…

What do you think, has Mueller set it up so he completes the job he was assigned, no matter what happens?  Do you think he will strike on Black Friday?

Chris Madsen