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The Sale of the Union

The so called president just gave his first State of the Union address to a nation that is only barely a union, largely because of his hugely divisive campaign and first year as president. To hit the highlights, he announced his campaign claiming that most Mexican immigrants are rapists and murderers and that he planned to build a wall at the border with Mexico, and proposing to ban all entry into the country by Muslims, ideas that disgusted all thinking people and showed from the outset how grossly unqualified he is to be president.

During the campaign, he made up demeaning nicknames for his Republican opponents and called Hillary Clinton a “nasty woman,” setting off a rousing chorus of women across the country claiming to be nasty, too. He stated that a judge who was presiding over a trial involving one of his many failed business ventures had a conflict of interest because his parents are Mexican and he has proposed to build the wall at the Mexican border. He encouraged violence at his rallies. He mocked a disabled reporter.

He lost the popular vote, but managed to eek out a win in the electoral college. Ever since, he has repeated the entirely baseless claim that he only lost the popular vote because of a huge number of fraudulent voters. He appointed a commission to investigate voter fraud across the country that promptly fell on its face when it demanded voter data from all states and most of them refused to comply, giving his commission nothing to do. He issued an executive order banning entry into the country from a number of Muslim majority nations, but conveniently excluding those countries that fall within the definition, but where he has personal business interests. The hotel in Washington, D.C. that he manages has seen increased booking from foreign diplomats trying to curry favor with the administration. He has paid almost weekly visits to the golf club he owns in Florida, where the Secret Service has paid his company to rent golf carts, an obvious conflict of interest.

As everyone expected, his State of the Union address contained mostly lies. He continues to try to demonize immigrants, using the right wing term, “chain migration” and misrepresenting how the family reunification preference in U.S. immigration law works. He linked immigration by family members to two terrorist attacks in New York City, which is statistically insignificant in the context of the number of persons involved and begs the question of how one defines “terrorist attack,” since authorities usually do not use that term for any of the mass shootings that are a common occurrence in the United States, with U.S. citizens usually doing the shooting.

The Washington Post reviewed eighteen specific claims the so called president made during his address and found that all of them were either flat wrong or at best significant misrepresentations.

In other words, par for the course for a lying so called president.