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The Ride Of The Four

There’s a terrifying article over on the Washington Post’s website, ‘Like a horror film’: The efforts to contain Ebola in a war zone by Max Bearak. In it, Bearak looks at how Eastern Congo is now being savaged by both war and disease. Attempts to save whole populations from the Ebola virus are being frustrated by local violence and the lack of anything like a government. Instead, local communities, warlords, and militias all battle one another, and none of them even begins to trust outsiders.

It is heart-breaking, of course. But why is it of interest to Americans? Well, of course, one reason is that Ebola tends to spread. That we haven’t had an Ebola plague here is nothing short of a miracle.

But, there’s more. This horrific situation is living proof that the Trumpian, Libertarian, and conservative approach to things is pretty deadly. Eastern Congo is a near anarchy at the moment. There is no government to speak of — which, of course, means it is Ayn Rand’s paradise.

And the result? Death, death, and more death…and death which could come to visit us.

So next times some Rightist tells you “Government Doesn’t Work…”

Ask him how he likes his Ebola. Hot, Cold, or just in the middle?