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The Rich B*st*rd Funding Climate Denial

Here’s an interesting article from Facing South: Millionaire CEO Is Bankrolling Think Tank Pushing Climate Denial by Sue Sturgis.

Ms. Sturgis traces the funding of major climate denialist think tanks and other organizations through several mysterious twists and turns and ultimately to Art Pope, “he’s the owner, chair and CEO of Variety Wholesalers, a group of 370 discount stores in 16 states.” He also has a history of being heavily invested in fossil fuel companies.

So next time you see something that says that climate change is a hoax…even while the American Southwest is turning into a desert, and the American Southeast is getting battered by super-storms…you may have one of Mr. Pope’s organizations to thank for it.

Wonder if, someday, the people whose lives are being ruined by climate change could sue the people who made that change possible.