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The Resistance Memo

by Marc Keyser author of TheResistance.Blog

How can The Resistance convince Congress to protect the Trump-Russia investigation?

The most powerful way to put public pressure on Trump-Republicans in Congress to stop their attacks on special counsel Robert Mueller is to shut down Bank of America.

Trump Republicans in Congress think that ruling America is mind over matter. They don’t mind and We the People don’t matter. We need to give Congress a taste of alt-reality. Send them a Memo. Shut down Bank America and put their feet to the fire

All we have to do is disrupt business as usual at Bank of America and their stock brokers Merrill Edge. Bank of America can’t afford to lose their business, and Congress can’t afford to lose Bank of Bank and face the fallout it would create on Wall Street, which is reeling from the recent crash. We simply need to occupy Bank of America and shut them down to force Congress to see things our way… or lose Bank of America/Merrill Edge.

TAKE TO THE STREETS: March on Bank of America and Merrill Edge. Demonstrate in front of each branch.

TAKE YOUR MONEY OUT: Go inside the bank by the hundreds to talk to a representative and tell them you won’t bank there. Get in their face. Take your money out of Bank of America and Merrill Edge, but keep your account open so you can go inside and stand in line to block the lines and make banking there a nightmare for customers.

TAKE TO THE PHONES: Call the local numbers of Bank of America/Merrill Edge by the thousands, and jam the phones and disrupt business as usual.

TAKE TO EMAIL by the hundreds of thousands, and crash their servers. Disrupt their communications.

TAKE TO TWITTER AND FACEBOOK Social network and activate people around the globe to call Merrill Edge by the millions. Destroy their brand name. Cripple their communications, disrupt their business, crash their stock, and give them a run on the bank.

SPEAK TO THOSE IN POWER FROM A POSITION OF POWER. Shut down Bank of America/Merrill Edge with non-violent, non-cooperation on a global scale. Disrupt business as usual until investors panic and crash Bank of America/Merrill Edge’s stock, and depositors panic and start a run on the bank.

Shut down Bank of America/Merrill Edge to impose sanctions on Congress. Put their feet to the fire.

Shutdown Bank of America, and we can impose immediate and costly economic sanctions on Congress, to force them meet our demands. When we take control of the phones and disrupt business at Bank of America/Merrill Edge. we have leverage to negotiate with Congress from a position of strength. We can go viral on the internet and escalate the shutdown for as the long it takes.

We the People have the Constitutional Right to call and complain, if Bank of America and Merrill Edge can’t answer their phones fast enough to clear the lines when millions of people are calling, that’s their problem. We the People have the right demonstrate in front of each branch to encourage consumers not to the bank there. If millions of consumers around the globe refuse to do business with Bank of America/Merrill Edge, that’s their problem. We have the right to boycott and take our money out of Bank of America/Merrill Edge, and if customers panic and start a run on the bank that’s Bank of America’s problem.

We have the right to line up in front of each branch to go in and tell them to their face to stop supporting the Trump Regime. We have the right to fill social media with verbal attacks on Bank of America and Merrill Lynch, call out their anti-social criminal behavior, and encourage consumers around the globe to join us in calling and boycotting Bank of America/Merrill Lynch.

We simply non-cooperate on a massive scale.

We passively protest by phone and shut down Bank of America, create a panic among depositors until they start a run on the bank, and give Congress an economic meltdown on Wall Street so costly that the fallout forces these corrupt Trump-Republicans in Congress to impeach President Trump… just to save Bank of America from going under; and stave off a meltdown on Wall Street.

Congress can have our cooperation when Congress protects the Mueller investigation, and impeaches Trump for treason. Then and only then will we stop calling Bank of America/ Merrill Edge and allow them to conduct their business unimpeded.

But first we must warn Bank of America.

It would be unseemly to simple jam their phones and cripple their business. So please call the nearest branch, talk to a manager. Warn them: “Bank of America will publicly tell Congress to impeach this lunatic in the White House; or we will call by the millions and shut them down. If Congress does not immediately impeach Trump, and Bank of America/Merrill Lynch goes bankrupt; the Resistance is prepared to make sacrifices.

Marc Keyser