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The Real, Shameful Reason Republicans Want Kavanaugh

When one cuts through the mess that has been going on in Washington D.C. it appears that the real reason Republicans want Kavanaugh is that they know he is corrupt enough to help them give Trump absolute pardon power.  The Gamble case, which is coming up very soon in the Supreme Court with Kavanaugh, would make it so the individual states have no power to prosecute crimes on a state level that have been been given a presidential pardon.  So why aren’t the Republicans screaming about States’ rights?  The answer is quite simple.  It really does appear that many people high up in the Republican party are not only criminals but have probably taken money from Putin – directly or indirectly – and not disclosed it, along with probably numerous other crimes.  It is no secret that the Republican party has been in bed with the NRA and the NRA has been in bed with Putin and funneling Russian money illegally into American politics.  It is quite simple for Trump and many others in the Republican party – it appears Kavanaugh really is their ‘Get out of Jail FREE’ card.

If the individual states are left with no way to prosecute all the crimes that have been committed then Trump can simply pardon his co-conspirators before he is impeached.  He can then resign and expect the Vice President to pardon him in true Nixon fashion.  I’m sure the Republicans would come out saying that putting this issue ‘to rest’ with a pardon is the best for this country…
The truth is that those treasonous criminals shouldn’t be allowed to get off the hook for their crimes against this country that easily.  The American public deserves to know what Trump and the other Republicans have been up to.  That will come out in the court system.  If they have been up to nothing and not committing crimes then why are they pushing so hard to secure a “Get out of Jail FREE” card for themselves and trying to escape prosecution on a state level?
It appears New York is closing in on Trump and wants the millions in taxes he should have paid,based on facts and not Trump’s alternative reality where he is allowed to evade taxes with zero consequences.
Sadly, that really does seem to be what is going on in this extremely corrupt administration.  Trump’s presidency will most likely go down as the most corrupt administration in US history.  I hope this serves as a wakeup call to the American public that we need political reform and we need to remove the criminals from our government.  There’s no reason for the American public to allow that type of criminality to exist in our government.  

Chris Madsen