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The Real National Emergency

It is estimated that there are still 18,000 deaths a year in the United States from lack of healthcare.  That number is down from approximately 45,000 people per year before ObamaCare.  Anyone without health insurance is 25% more likely to die.   There are 22 veterans that commit suicide from lack of psychiatric services every single day in the United States (as these veterans are very limited as to who they can see and often face long wait lists).  

According to a John Hopkins study there are around 250,000 people a year that die from medical mistakes in the United States.  That is the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer.  Other studies have put the estimated actual number of deaths from medical mistakes as high as 440,000 per year.  
After reading these statistics does anyone, anywhere still want to try and convince me that border security is our national emergency?  Anyone???  Also, even a study funded by the Koch brothers shows we as a nation would save money by moving to a single payer system and covering absolutely everyone.  Would anyone care to explain to me why we can't afford that?  In my mind we can't afford not to.  
Trump could still try and declare a national emergency over his vanity wall project to try and direct billions of dollars into the pockets of his cronies.  However, almost everyone agrees that would be overturned by the courts as not being a real emergency as illegal crossings are currently nearing historical lows.  Also, no one that actually deals with national border security is asking for a wall to be built.  Let's get real here for a moment; Trump just wants something he can place his tacky name on in gold plated letters in front of a camera while he smiles like a complete doofus.