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The Progressive Surprise That Wasn’t

By this time, of course, everyone knows that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a 28-year-old Hispanic woman and newcomer to politics, won a stunning victory over Rep. Joseph Crowley of New York. She will now carry the Democrat’s Banner into the election of 2018.

It was, we are told, a complete surprise. How on earth, ask the pundits, could this …person defeat the long-serving Crowley? Particularly when All The Right Thinking People voted against her?

But, of course, it wasn’t really a surprise, was it? Everyone saw the shift to the Left in public opinion. Everyone knew that the Old Guard no longer motivated the voters. Everyone knew that the same tired Neo-Liberal ideology that’s shaped the party for so long wasn’t going to fly this time around.

Yes, everyone knew that. I knew it. You knew it. Hell! Our dogs probably knew it.

The only people taken by surprise were, of course, the ones in the Party Establishment—the DNC, the DCCC, and so on. Only they didn’t see it coming. Only they didn’t understand that they weren’t in charge any more. Only they didn’t realize that they could no longer give orders and have the voters line up obediently behind the candidate of the their choice.

And the fact that they didn’t know that says much. It says that the Democratic Party establishment is in exactly the same place it was back in 2018. It is just as out of touch now as it was then.

Which, given all we’ve suffered under Trump…

Is terrifying.