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The Phone Protest Takes On Fox!

by Marc Keyser, author TheResistance.Blog

The Parkland Student Phone Boycott is costing Fox News millions in lost advertising revenue, and the personal attacks and death threats against David Hogg are getting more vicious and violent. Fox News is inciting violence. They might as well have put out a hit on David Hogg.

The staggering loss of revenue this denial of service campaign could cost Fox News is just beginning to sink in. These kids with their smartphones have the power to call and to network and activate enough protesters to jam the phones at companies that advertise and bankrupt Fox News.

This could force Congress to see the wisdom of passing gun laws… and that terrifies those in power.

Fox News is powerless to stop Parkland Students and the Resistance from calling and jamming the phones… so they attack young David instead. Nothing could bring more outraged protesters to the phones and be more damaging for Fox News.

It’s just a boycott of Fox News… why so much blow back?

The death threats and vicious attacks on the 17-year old, who is a victim of the recent Parkland High School shooting where 17 were murdered and 15 wounded, are a sign of desperation at Fox News and among far-right white nationalists.

Attacking Hogg only gives him a bigger following to mob the phones calling Fox News and their advertisers. Fox News is caught in the jaws of a vice… and it’s closing in on them.

Fox News is growing desperate. These death threats again young David Hogg will not save Fox News a single call to their advertising department. The attacks on Hogg have a chilling effect on corporate advertisers because advertising on Fox News is only getting more self-defeating as the controversy heats up. Fox News is toxic for advertisers.


During an interview on MSNBC’s The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell. O’Donnell asked, “I want to go to what Bill O’Reilly said… about the boycott being directed by shadowy, radical groups. What do you say to that?”

Hogg answered, “Thanks for seeing me as so powerful. I’m well lit, I don’t see shadow figures behind me. If he sees shadowy figures as corporate America standing by us, okay. I want to focus on what’s ahead for our movement. We need to focus on the positivity and bringing everyone together. The first thing we have coming up are the town halls on April 7th we’re trying to get in every congressional district. When bill says these things and Laura says these things. I’m fine when they disagree with my policies, that’s okay. What I have a problem with is when they attack me or anybody else personally. Why? What does that accomplish? It doesn’t make sense. I don’t have any shadowy figures behind me. I’m just a kid that uses Twitter. If he sees me as powerful, that’s okay. I don’t see myself that way. We’re trying to use our first amendment rights, as is corporate America.”

Fox News issued a statement claiming that they are standing behind Laura Ingraham, but Fox has issued similar statements in the past to cover for hosts who are fading fast. The great unspoken in these Fox News statements is that their support is not permanent. If the advertisers don’t come back, the host will soon be gone.

David Hogg and the Parkland teens are not a powerful force because they are just kids. They are a powerful force because they have discovered how to protest by phone and use social media to activate hundreds of thousands of supports to call and crush one of the biggest, most powerful corporations on earth in a matter of days.

People like Bill O’Reilly are attacking Hogg to discredit the movement and get the protesters off their phones to save Fox News. The loss of fifteen advertisers in three days over the Laura Ingraham show is hurting Fox News financially, and if the Phone Protest continues to grow and spread, it could bankrupt Fox News. If the Phone Protest goes global against all the media outlets Rupert Murdoch owns in various countries, it could bankrupt News Corp worldwide.

By simply being a normal kid, Hogg is shining a light on the ugly places that the NRA extremists and their media bullies hide in.

David Hogg and his fellow students don’t fit the NRA’s standard playbook, which is why they are such a threat. The world has never had a Mass Phone Protest before. This is a new phenomenon, and it’s costing Fox News a millions in lost advertisers. We’ve never seen how much damage it can do to a corporate giant like Fox News. This broad-based denial of service attack on Fox News and their advertisers is a profound danger to their revenue.

The First National Bank of Omaha…

After the shooting at the Parkland high school, the teenage survivors stood up and took on the NRA and the politicians in Washington taking money from the NRA who refuse to pass common-sense gun laws.

Parkland Students, lead by David Hogg and Emma González, took to the phones calling First Nation Bank of Omaha to demand the bank stop sponsoring NRA credit cards. In under ten days with about 4,000 calls a day, First National Bank surrendered. The bank realized that if the phone protest continued, the growing volume of calls could disrupt their daily business, undermine consumer confidence, and bankrupt the bank… and the bank was powerless to stop it.

There was no way for First National Bank to prevent the denial of service attack and stop the protesters from calling. The phone protest was perfectly peaceful, perfectly lawful, unstoppable and utterly devasting to business at the bank.

In a Phone Protest, callers are free from riot police, high-pressure water hoses, attack dogs, tear gas, police beatings, and arrests. You do have to be careful not to get carpal tunnel of the index finger pressing the redial icon on your smartphone.

Activists used their smartphones to call the bank, more importantly they used their smartphones to social network and activate people from all over to join in calling. Younger people are particularly adept at telecommunications technology and now they have discovered how to weaponize their smartphones and use them for social protest.

Seeing first-hand the damage the Student Phone Protest did to First National Bank of Omaha, other companies wanted out. Delta, United Airlines, Best Western cut ties with the NRA. Along with airlines, car rental giants Avis, Hertz and Enterprise, the Best Western hotel chain, and the global insurance company MetLife. More than a dozen other corporations have severed affiliations with the NRA.

In a Mass Phone Protest, the callers have total control of the phones.

The protesters simply have to gain enough media attention and go viral in social media to activate enough callers making enough calls to overload the switchboards at the bank. There is no way to keep the public out of the public phone system. Calling en mass, the protesters have the power to overload and cut off phone service to advertisers and to Fox News… leave Fox News in the dark going broke.

It is merely a matter of numbers and time.

It’s merely a matter of time until advertisers panic and start a run on Fox News, which will cause stock holders to sell out and crash News Corp’s stock devastating Rupert Murdoch’s media empire.

Laura Ingraham attack Parkland student survivor David Hogg in a tweet.

Laura Ingraham @IngrahamAn…

David Hogg Rejected By Four Colleges To Which He Applied and whines about it. (Dinged by UCLA with a 4.1 GPA…tota……

David Hogg‏  @davidhogg111

Pick a number 1-12 contact the company next to that # Top Laura Ingraham Advertisers
1. @sleepnumber 2. @ATT 3. Nutrish
4. @Allstate & @esurance 5. @Bayer
6. @RocketMortgage 7. @LibertyMutual

8. @Arbys 9. @TripAdvisor 10. @Nestle

11. @hulu 12. @Wayfair

6:30 PM – 28 Mar 2018 from Washington, DC

David Hogg tweeted back.

This is the tweet that launch the denial of service attack that is costing media giant Fox News millions in lost advertising revenue.

With one tweet, David Hogg activated an army of activists and showed them how to weaponize smartphones to block-chain protest on a massive scale and bring down media giant Fox News with a denial of service attack… just by threatening to call major advertisers and crippling their communications to force them to pull their advertising with Fox News.

Young David has empowered people to march not just in the streets but on the phones and take down Fox News by threatening a denial of service attack on the advertisers who fund Fox News.

If the Phone Protest continues to build, it could bankrupt Fox News and spread to the rest Rupert Murdoch’s media holdings. This Phone Protest has gone nuclear. It has intimidated major advertiser causing them to abandon ship, which threatens the solvency, not just of Fox News, but of Rupert Murdoch’s vast media empire.

With the Phone Protest spreading like wild fire, it could easily break out in Murdoch’s other media outlets and publications in the US and around the globe… starting here with the Wall Street Journal. A Phone Protest against the major advertisers in the WSJ could put a burn on their business and send profits up in smoke as advertisers desert them and stock holders panic and crash New Corp’s stock.

All David Hogg did was post one tweet calling for the Phone Protest against advertisers, and he set the Fox’s tail on Fire… the fire is growing and it could spread to the rest of Rupert Murdoch’s media empire. Welcome to the revolution. Now it all begins.

In the US
Keep calling FOX Advertising Dep. 888-369-4762 Mob phones, disrupt business as usual, cost them millions in lost revenue from advertisers. Demonstrate in front of local TV stations that carry Fox News and call their advertisers… until they drop Fox News

Call the New York Post and their major advertisers
Call the Wall Street Journal and their major advertisers

In the UK
Call The Sun and their major advertisers
Call The Times and their major advertisers

In Australia
Call The Australian and their major advertisers
Call the Australian News Channel and their major advertisers

Call Sky News Live and their major advertisers

In New Zealand
Call Sky News New Zealand and their major advertisers In Sidney
Call the Blacktown Advocate and their major advertisers