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The NRA Boycott

Student activists protesting the Portland, Florida high school shooting take on the NRA… and win

Students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High school in Portland, Florida are standing up and fighting back for gun control

Students are terrified and outraged by the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High school in Portland, Florida on Valentine’s Day where a former student gunned down 17 people with an AR-15 assault rifle. These young activists are fed up with the President and members of Congress taking blood money from the National Rifle Association to block gun control legislation. They refuse to accept the endless excuses Congress has for not controlling the sale of assault weapons, so they launched a campaign against the National Rifle Association to change things.

The NRA Boycott is focused on going after the businesses that finance the NRA.

Following the attack, the school’s surviving students and their peers inspired nationwide school walkouts, Capitol Hill sit-ins, CNN town hall meetings and a “listening session” with President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence at the White House. But their revolutionary power comes from the Phone Protest against businesses that support the NRA. The protests are cutting the ground from under the NRA.

The Phone Protest against corporations that mix business and politics and support the NRA.

Protesters took not the streets but to the phones calling First National Bank of Omaha to jam the lines and disrupt business as usual. Activists weaponized their smartphones. They started spreading the word on social media. They quickly activated enough callers to force the bank to drop NRA credit cards. It was a sweet and swift victory. It was also a breakthrough in empowering people to protest by phone and get phenonminal results.

First National Bank of Omaha severed business ties with NRA after receiving what they called ‘customer feedback’. Resistance Protesters were calling First National Bank of Omaha, jamming the phones and disrupting business to stop the bank from licensing the NRA Visa card. What an unbelievable victory for The Resistance.

First National Bank of Omaha bends the knee

For the first time in the nation’s history, a big bank succumbs to the pressure of a Phone Protest. Ordinary people take to the phones and crush it.

The NRA is one of the largest, most powerful, well-heeled lobbyist organizations in the country. Who knew the NRA would be vulnerable to a Phone Protest against the businesses that support them, and how easy it was for people to join in calling and jamming the phones at First National Bank for doing business with the NRA.

The NRA boycott not only brought the bank to it’s knees, the boycott is having a domino effect on other businesses who are abandoning the NRA like the plague… before protesters even have to call them.

United Airlines dumped the NRA. Apparently, the last thing United Airlines needs is a growing multitude of protesters coming after them calling their reservations department, jamming their lines, and disrupting their business.

The thrill of victory for the students and the agony defeat for NRA.

The good news is First National Bank of Omaha surrendered without much of a fight. The really good news is this a harbinger of victories to come. The NRA boycott is just getting started. The kids became activists, and they got woke.

The Phone Protest was totally non-violent, and it totally hammered the bank.

Students didn’t have to skip school or pay travel expenses. Protesters on the phones didn’t have to clash with the riot police. There was no tear gas, no injuries, no damage to people or property, and no arrests. Zero. The Phone Protest was text book. It was perfectly peaceful, totally non-violent, and absolute devastating to First National Bank of Omaha as more and more people spread the word on social media as they began to mob the phones and disrupt business as usual at the bank. The Phone Protest wasn’t just news for a day then to be forgotten. More and more business each day are ending their ties the NRA… without us having to call them.

With about 4 thousand people calling a day, First National Bank capitulated. They saw the hand writing on the wall. The bank realized that if the Phone Protest was in the news media and going viral on the Internet, 4 thousand callers a day could easily become 4 million protesters a day calling and completely crippling their communications, devastating their business, causing anxious customers to withdraw their money until it started a run on the bank.

This is a stunning defeat for the NRA, President Trump and Trump Republicans in Congress, and it won’t be the last.

The Phone Protest set off a domino effect among corporations with ties the NRA

The Phone Protest scared the hell out of corporations supporting the NRA. They don’t want this nightmare on their phones with protesters calling and disrupting their business, and the media hounding them. Big corporations who are wise will disassociate themselves from the NRA before the boycott comes calling and blows up in their face.

Seeing what the Phone Protest did to First National Bank of Omaha, companies want out. Delta, United Airlines, Best Western have cut ties with the gun lobbying group. Along with airlines, car rental giants Avis, Hertz and Enterprise, the Best Western hotel chain, and the global insurance company MetLife. More than a dozen other corporations have severed affiliations with the NRA and number of desertions is growing.

The NRA is accusing companies dropping them of “a shameful display of political and civic cowardice.” The truth is corporations with financial ties to the NRA don’t want the Phone Protest on their phones crippling their communication, disrupt their business, costing them money. They don’t want their phones jammed, and all the negative publicity in the press and on social media. They don’t want to big the target with bull’s eye on their backside when the Phone Protest against them goes viral in social media and a few thousand callers becomes a few million. Businesses with brains don’t want to experiment and find out what a few million protesters calling them day and night can do to their business and if it can put them out of business.

This one small Phone Protest against First National Bank of Omaha has sent shock waves among corporations mixing business with politics by supporting the NRA.

Who to call next? Bank of America is where the money’s at.

After seeing what happened to First National, Bank of America is “re-examining” its relationship with AR-15 rifle manufacturers they lend money to. Good, but not nearly good enough.

We need to give Bank of America a wakeup call. We need Bank of America to tell Congress to take on the NRA and enact gun control laws… just to get us off their phones.

The way to reach the NRA is to call and boycott the big corporations that are financing the NRA starting with First National Bank.

But the way to reach Congress is to call and shut down Bank of America and create a financial crisis on Wall Street big enough to force Congress to ban assault weapons and campaign financing reform to stop the NRA from making obscene contributions to corrupt our representatives.

Bank of America and the other Wall Street banks and stock brokers are going to be on our side demanding that Congress solve the problem when we make an example of Bank of America and give them enough “customer feedback” to crash their phones, and disrupt their business. About 4 million calls a day to the money changers at Bank of America should do nicely.

How does a Mass Phone Protest against Bank of America/Merrill Lynch work?

TAKE TO THE PHONES: Call the local numbers of Bank of America/Merrill Edge by the thousands. Call and say, “I won’t’ bank at Bank of America until Congress passes gun laws and limits campaign contributions” Call and overload the phones and disrupt business as usual at Bank of America until Congress meets our demands. We call Bank of America just like we called First National Bank of Omaha… only on a larger scale.

TAKE TO THE STREETS: March on Bank of America and Merrill Edge. Demonstrate in front of each branch.

TAKE TO EMAIL by the hundreds of thousands, and crash their servers. Disrupt their communications.

TAKE TO TWITTER AND FACEBOOK Social network and activate people around the globe to call Merrill Edge by the millions. Trash their brand name on Twitter and Facebook, expose them for their massive political contributions that corrupt our representatives in Congress.

TAKE YOUR MONEY OUT: Go in the bank to talk to a representative. Get in their face; tell them you won’t bank with a bank that supports the NRA and President Trump… who just gave Bank of America a $3 billion-dollar tax break taking money from education and healthcare.

SPEAK TO THOSE IN POWER FROM A POSITION OF POWER. The Resistance brought First National Bank of Omaha to their knees, and we can bring Bank of America/Merrill Edge to their knees with a non-violent Phone Protest.

Bank of America is far bigger First National. Bank of America is far more influential on Wall Street and in Congress, and at the same time far more vulnerable to a Mass Phone Protest.

Shutdown Bank of America, and it will have a domino effect on Wall Street, which will give Congress a nightmare.

Bank of America can call us names, they can try to ignore the flood of incoming calls, but they can’t answer their phones any faster, and they can’t stop us from calling day in and day out every day and turning their business to chaos. They can delay, they can stall; but they run the risk of the Mass Phone Protest going viral, bringing millions of protesters especial young people to the phones not just here in the U.S. but around the globe. The longer Bank of America holds out, the greater the risk that stock holders and depositors will panic and start a run on the bank… which Bank of America and Congress really should avoid at all costs.

When the Student Protest takes to the phones against Bank of America, the financial damage to the bank will become unsustainable and the pressure on Congress unbearable.

Congress can end the boycott by meeting our demands. Congress will pass gun control legislation; Congress will place limits on the obscene campaign contributions special interest groups like the NRA can make to bribe our representatives; and Congress can impeach Trump while they are at it.

When Congress meets our demands, then and only then will we end the NRA boycott and stop calling Bank of America/ Merrill Edge to allow them to conduct their business unimpeded.

Bank of America will bend the knee and Congress will meet our demands … or we will bury Bank of America/Merrill Edge alive in their own communications.

Students here in Fresno are invited to join the NRA Boycott and call Bank of America in Freson

Marc Keyser