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The NRA And Its Russian Ties

That The National Rifle Association has had a long and tangled relationship with Russia and Trump is well known. Now, though, the organization seems to be preparing for an investigation into just what kind of relationship it had with Putin and Russian nationals. CNN is reporting that the NRA is collecting documents in case the FBI or some other government group starts demanding them.

You can see a CNN video about the topic in the embedded player below.

Increasingly, though, it is apparent that the NRA is not just a threat to the well-being of the nation because of its inflexible opposition to the control of guns, even of military grade weapons (like the AR15) but also because of its curious involvement with some shady characters on an international level. One has to ask exactly what it is the gun ownership, much less the second amendment, has to do with Russian oligarchs, foreign money, and, possibly, the KGB.