The Next Declaration of Independence - Liberal Resistance

The Next Declaration of Independence

It is July 4, the day on which Americans traditionally celebrate their independence. But, this last year and a half has made some of us question just how free a people we are, and how many of us genuinely want freedom. But, LiberalResistance.Net believes that in spite of appearances to the contrary, the spirit of liberty remains among us. Even as Trump’s supporters kowtow to their despot, millions of other Americans gear up for Resistance.

And it seems fitting, therefore, to remind us all of this recent piece by our own Edward Santella. In it, he envisions how our next declaration of independence will read…when, this time, the rebellion is against Trump rather than the King.

Let us hope that soon we shall see this document, or one like it, read in schools across the country, if not the world, as a symbol of our victory over bigotry, hate, and dictatorship.