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The Newest Deal!

I thought about what realistically this country needs to help put it back on track. What came to mind was ‘The Newest Deal’.

To actually move this country forward ‘The Newest American Deal’ should include all of these components:

  • A firm commitment that the government was established to work for “We the People”. Outlawing lobbying (legal bribery) and establishing term limits for Congress would prevent career politicians only there to enrich themselves.

  • The return of Civics Class as a required course in High School for all students. To educate America’s youth on their rights and the proper responsibilities and obligations of the American government.

  • A firm commitment that all people in this country have equal rights, in theory and in practice. Any federal politician indicating or implying otherwise will be immediately and automatically subject to a recall vote. This could be an effective way to handle politicians that use hate speech, Nazism, with the desire to incite violence or spread political discourd. No group in America should be marginalized, especially by the government.

  • Any efforts at targeted voter suppression (by government or individuals) will be accurately viewed and charged as a civil rights violation… subject to appropriate penalties.

  • Establishing access to universal healthcare for all citizens. As has been done by the entire rest of the industrialized/developed part of the world.

  • Reestablishing the minimum wage as a living wage like it was originally intended. This also means automatically indexing it for inflation so people earning the least aren’t dependent on politicians to act to be able to survive. Not a single person working 40 hours a week living in this country should be living in extreme poverty.

  • Everyone’s vote matters. Removal of the electoral college so all votes are equal. All future presidential races will be determined by a simple majority. Government will do whatever is necessary to protect the safety, security, and accuracy of these elections.

  • Policy returning American to diplomacy and a belief in world peace vs. war done for corporate profiteering. War will only be used in the most extreme situations.

Just imagine an America like that and all the potential it would have.

Chris Madsen