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The #NeverAgain Student Movement

Portland Students are 2 Young 2 Vote but Old Enough 2 Call and Shut Down Bank of America

by Marc Keyser


The students who survived the Parkland, Florida high school shooting are taking on the NRA with the #NeverAgain movement… and the NRA is blindly striking back out of desperation.

Florida state Rep. Elizabeth Porter (R) delivered an angry, immature speech denouncing the Parkland survivors.

“We’ve been told we need to listen to the children and do what the children ask. Are there any children on this floor? Are there any children making laws?” she said during a state House debate over state gun control legislation Tuesday.

“Do we allow the children to tell us that we should pass a law that says, ‘No homework’? Or ‘You finish high school at the age of 12’ just because they want it so? No.

“The adults make the laws because we have the age. We have the wisdom. And we have the experience to make these laws. We have to make laws with our heads and not with our emotions. Because emotions will lead us astray. However, our common sense and our rationale will not.”

These high school students are not “children.” They are teenagers. They are young adults. David Hogg, Cameron Kasky, Emma Gonalez, and Jaclyn Corin, for example, have been speaking out, and they are well informed and well spoken. This attack on these student survivors is an outrage.

Politicians like Porter who are on the NRA payroll feel they don’t need to listen to teenagers… or adults for that matter. They are in office, and they are in power. They represent best the special interests that contribute most… especially the NRA. They can attack citizens who dare to question them.

These teenager activists may be too young to vote, but they were old enough to start the #NeverAgain movement and call First National Bank of Omaha, block the phones and force the bank to drop the NRA… like a hot rock.

These “non-professional” student activists launched a Phone Protest against First National Bank of Omaha to force them to cancel the National Rifle Association credit cards. They used social media to activate people from all over the country to join in calling and blocking the phones at the bank.

First National Bank caved after a few days.

Students and supporters targeted a bank doing business with the NRA with a blockchain phone protest. They started calling and spreading the word on social media. The growing multitude of calls to the bank quickly began to block the lines and disrupt business. First National Bank surrendered without a fight and cancel the NRA visa cards.

The Phone Protest was perfectly peaceful and utterly devasting. There was no property damage. There were no riot police in the streets, no clouds of tear gas, and no arrests. The level of calls coming into the bank was estimated at less than 4 thousand a day. Apparently, First National Bank took one look and realized that the 4 thousand calls could become 400 thousand calls, which could become 4 million calls a day. If the denial of service attack continued, it would grow exponentially and utterly destroy their business. The Student Phone Protest had the bank by the throat choking the life out of their business.

The Phone Protest is a blockchain. Protesters on their smartphones are decentralized and cannot be turned off or shut down or arrested. There is no “organization”, no “headquarters” to shut down. Once it starts, there are no leaders, just instigators spreading the word.

The Riot Police cannot break up a growing multitude of callers. The police cannot answer the phones for the bank. They cannot cordon off the phones. There’s no way for the bank to stop incoming calls, much less prevent customers from wanting their money out of the bank when the panic sets in.

As the Phone Protest goes viral, it expands exponentially. The more protesters call and spread the word on social media, the more protesters will join in calling and spreading the word on social media… around the globe.

It’s merely a matter of time until the number of calls reaches astronomical proportions and the news triggers a run on the bank. People with their money in the bank will panic and start a run on the bank. Stock holders will start selling out, and the sell-off will crash the bank’s stock, which will create panic selling on Wall Street.

First National had no way to stop people from calling. They couldn’t answer the phones any faster. First National was trapped, with their lines of communication clogging up, and the protest going viral on the Internet and in the Media. The jaws of the protest had them by the throat.

First National Bank of Omaha suffered a resounding defeat; and the students won a stunning victory. This gives activists a newfound power that has been underestimated by the students… perhaps because it was too easy?

March for Life on March 24.

If you can’t make it to Washington don’t be discouraged, you can support the March 4 Life with your calls to Bank of America. All you have to do is call and use your smartphone to activate other activists to join in calling. If you’re out marching, you can march and call at the same time. If not, you can be a couch-potato phone protester.

The biggest and best target for the next Student Phone Protest against the NRA would be Bank of America because that’s where the real Money is.


Bank of America is an icon, a symbol of the greed on Wall Street and a corrupting influence of campaign contributions on Congress.

Call Bank of America in Florida 954-227-6696 by the thousands.

Call and tell them you won’t bank at Bank of America until Congress passes common sense gun laws and limits campaign contributions.

Call and overload the phones and disrupt business at Bank of America just like we called and disrupted business at First National Bank… only on a much larger scale.

Demonstrate in front of the nearest branch of Bank of America. Line up and go inside the bank. Tell them you won’t bank there.

Social network on Twitter and Facebook. Activate people to call Bank of America/Merrill Edge by the millions to support the March for Our Lives. Expose Bank of America for their criminal corporate behavior and their massive political contributions that corrupt our representatives in Congress.

Speak to those in power from a position of power

The Student Phone Protest forced First National Bank of Omaha to surrender. We can just as easily call and put Bank of America out of business until Congress meets our demands.

Bank of America is far bigger than First National, far more influential on Wall Street and in Congress, and at the same time far more vulnerable to a Student Phone Protest.

Shutdown Bank of America and it will trigger and run on the bank, crash their stock, cause a meltdown on Wall Street, and put unbearable public pressure on Congress.

When Bank of America is under attack on the phones, the bank can call in the police but what can the police do… come over and answer the phones at the bank? Will they bank hire additional security guards to guard the phones ringing off the hook?

The police cannot break up a Phone Protest when thousands, millions of consumers choose to call and complain. The bank can’t answer their own phones any faster, and they can’t stop more and more protesters from calling day in and day out turning their profitable business into a financial disaster. If Congress does not meet our demands, Bank of America will bleed red ink.

Bank of America and their stock brokers Merrill Edge can try to hold out; but they run the risk of the Phone Protest going viral, bringing millions of protesters especial young people to the phones not just here in the U.S. but around the globe. The longer Bank of America holds out, the greater the risk that stock holders and depositors will panic and start a run on the bank… which Bank of America and Congress can ill afford.

When Student Protesters take to the phones calling Bank of America, the financial damage to the bank can quickly become unsustainable and the pressure on Congress unbearable.

Bank of America will divest. They will no longer own Merrill Edge and use the money people put in the bank for safe keeping to play the stock market. Bank of America will stop making campaign contributions to buy politicians and corrupt our political system. Bank of America will publicly encourage Congress to pass common sense gun reform.

Congress will pass gun control legislation and place limits on the obscene campaign contributions special interest groups like the NRA and Bank of America routinely make to bribe our representatives; or Congress runs the risk of Bank of America going bankrupt, triggering a run on the bank, crashing their stock on Wall Street, causing an economic melt-down, and unleashing a nationwide public backlash against Congress.

Cripple business at Bank of America and force Congress to break ties with the NRA

The Student Phone Protest against First National Bank, was a success. Now take the Student Phone Protest to the next level. Launch a denial of Service attack on Bank of America. Take advantage of smartphones and social media to go viral and activate thousands, millions of people to join in calling.

Congress will pass common sense gun controls, or Bank of America/Merrill Edge will become road kill… and while we have Bank of America by the throat, Congress will impeach President Trump.

Marc Keyser