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The Narcissist In Chief Gets A Painting

Very funny article over on the Guardian by Hannah Jane Parkinson. It seems that Der Drumpfster has just purchased a painting by Andy Thomas, who usually does folksy paintings of great (and not so great) Americans around campfires and stuff like that. Well, Mr. Thomas also just did a piece showing Trump at a table quaffing a few brewskies (okay, in his case, diet soda) with former Republican presidents. No. We’re not making that up.

Anyway, as Ms. Parkinson notes, Trump liked the painting and it is, apparently, now on a wall in the White House. Which is a grim thought, indeed.

But Parkinson’s article is particularly worth reading because of her inch by inch analysis of the canvas. For instance, here’s her take on Lincoln’s appearance in the thing, “[he] basically looks like a nu-metal star being difficult in an interview circa 2004.” And here’s she is on Richard Nixon, who — she says– isn’t really Nixon at all. “Sorry, but this is clearly not Nixon. This is Jack Nicholson, circa The Shining. And remember: ‘But when the president does it, that means it’s not illegal!’ Iconic. Legend. Absolute baller.”

So, definitely give this piece a read. Clearly, Ms. Parkinson has all the earmarks of a great art critic. And a great humorist. But, then, when dealing with portraits of the Orange One…you have to be both.

PS – as an aside, Mr. Thomas also a version for Democrats. So, if you’re interested….

by Andy Thomas