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The Mean Girls Presidency

William B. Turner

Apparently there are a lot of very sweaty Republicans about just now. The raids on Michael Cohen, personal attorney to the so called president, were likely just incidental. A lot of this has been building for some time and is the result of other events.

But the Cohen raids undoubtedly have contributed to both the quantity and the quality of the sweat.

What we’re getting in response is the Mean Girls Presidency.

James Comey, who’s firing last year precipitated the appointment of Robert Mueller as special prosecutor investigating the collaboration between the Donald’s presidential campaign and the Russian government, is back in the news with a book, apparently mostly about his recent experiences.

Just in case anyone got the foolish idea that Republicans had suddenly become reasonable, responsible adults, they have posted an entire web site, with the approval of the White House, specifically to mock Comey and his book. The best term for this is “childish.” Or “puerile.” Certainly beneath the dignity of the presidency, or it should be.

Meanwhile, the three horsemen of the Republican investigopalypse, Bob Goodlatte, Devin “Run to the White House” Nunes, and Trey “I Know I’ll Find Something Any Month Now” Gowdy have demanded that the Department of Justice turn over all of the memos Comey referred to in his Senate testimony last year as memorializing his conversations with Trump by Monday, April 16, to all three of their committees. The exact purpose of this maneuver is not at all clear. If the Department produces the memos, they will likely become public in all of their glory, and it is impossible to imagine how the Donald will come out looking better than Comey from such a development.

Never one to miss a chance to mislead the public, Kellyanne Conway is getting back in touch with her inner witch, calling Comey a “disgruntled former employee,” as if he worked at the pizza joint where Hillary had her child sex ring, and is just “spinning” what happened in meetings with Trump to sell books.

Then the White House is busy smearing Rod Rosenstein in an effort to gin up a cheap excuse to fire him. Rosenstein appointed Robert Mueller and technically has the power to fire him. The surmise is that Trump wants to replace Rosenstein with someone who is more loyal to Trump himself who will then fire Mueller, in a Trumpian permutation of the Saturday Night Massacre in which Nixon prompted two persons to resign from the Department of Justice before he found someone who would fire the first special prosecutor in the Watergate case.

As is always the case, the Donald and his toadies utterly fail to recognize that the people they are attacking very visibly have vastly more integrity than they do and that only the Donald’s most loyal supporters will fall for their PR blitz from hell. That, let us recall, is a small proportion of the population, and far from the smarter portion. We have already seen that, insofar as Trump, et al.’s actions end up in front of federal judges, the results are rarely what the Donald wants. If anything, they are more likely compounding than alleviating their problems with their current antics.

Since the Donald knows nothing about politics and never learns, he is likely blissfully unaware of the huge backlash Nixon created by firing Archibald Cox, the first Watergate special prosecutor, such that he immediately had to appoint a second one. Nor will he listen to Republican members of Congress who really do not want to have to defend the president’s actions as the November elections approach.

This is your president, 8th grade version.