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The Mar-a-Lago Debt Clock

So, file this under the Ah Crap heading…

The Palm Beach Post has crunched the numbers and it turns out that Der Drumpf’s visits to Mar-a-Lago have cost tax-payers $7.7 million just in terms of his protection. And that was just as of February. There have been many more trips since then, but they haven’t yet been tallied into the total.

Again, this was only for the cost of protecting Trump, not for his jet flights or time at the resort itself. And it doesn’t account for the cost of the Secret Service agents or other federal employees assigned to guard the president. Rather, it represents the cost to the Federal government of using Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputies to protect Trump, who are paid overtime for the duty.

In short, Mar-a-Largo is looking like a fairly serious money pit as far as the Federal budget is concerned. Yet, curiously, no one seems to be talking about it…while the GOP is busily cutting back on food stamps and social services.

Funny how it all balances out. One might almost think someone in the government valued golf over human life.

Mightn’t one?