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The Man In The Singapore Sling

The current issue of the New York Review of Books (16 August, 2018) has several interesting articles on life in the Trumpian Age. One of my favorites is Singapore Sham, by Jessica T. Matthews. In it, Matthews looks at the disastrous meeting between Trump and Kim Jon-un. Her conclusion is a question: Is Trump lying about his failure to achieve anything from the meeting or is he so ignorant and arrogant that he doesn’t realize it?

It is, of course, a terrifying inquiry. Is he really so dim? Or is he such a fool? Or, as she puts it, “Which is more dangerous—someone so convinced of his abilities and so lazy that he thought he would walk into such a negotiation without knowing even the tiny bit of history…or someone willing to offer a world a bald-faced lie?”


But, of course, there is a third option, and one to which I myself sadly subscribe. I.e., that he is both the fool and scoundrel, the idiot and criminal…

And thus, by combining into one two fatal flaws…

…he is truly deadly.