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The Madrid Meeting: The Trump Treason Summary

So it has now come out that Donald Trump’s campaign manager Manafort had meet with a former colleege of his that he worked with in the Ukraine to help rig the elections for a decade in favor of Russian interests.  Manafort met Konstantin Kilimnik in Madrid where he gave him information regarding the Trump campaign’s own numbers in polls.  This is significant because with this demographic data Putin and Russian intelligence could design campaigns to specifically target the people that Trump needed the most to win.  That’s about the only logical explanation why team Trump would be giving their own polling data to someone with stong ties to Russia.  They were outright colluding with Russia and expecting Russia’s help to win.  That act is very treasonous and that’s how we ended up with a head of state that is a puppet for Putin.  Russia isn’t even one of our allies. Russia has been our greatest foe for the better part of the last century.

If you remember back during the campaign Trump was saying there was “no deals” in Russia.  It has already been proven that’s  a complete lie as Trump wanted to build the world’s tallest building in Moscow.  Donald Trump even personally signed a letter of intent saying he wanted to do so.  So why was Trump pretending to not remember Trump Tower Moscow?  It sure seems like a blowhard like him wouldn’t shut up about something like that.  The reason he was lying is because even though they had a spot picked out, had an architect picked out, and a Russian bank lined up to finance the whole deal there was one huge problem: Russian sanctions prevented Trump from being able to work with that Russian bank.

So it sure seems like the Madrid Meeting is a potential last piece that proves Trump completely sold America out for the right to be able to build Trump Tower in Moscow.  So Trump’s part of the deal was to become President of the United States with the help of a foreign enemy, Russia, then remove the Russian sanctions so that he could personally profit off building a Trump Tower Moscow.  In my mind this goes beyond colluding this sure sounds like a criminal conspiracy to profit of the Office of the President.

Once again, this isn’t some abstract concept they were just loosely kicking around, they had a location, an architect, and Russian financing lined up.  Team Trump gave Russia his polling information so he could secure their help in online campaigns specifically targeted at the demographics he needed to win.  These manipulative and foreign attacks have cause a lot of discord and division in the United States.  They also were designed to increase racial tensions across the country.

Only problem is Trump never got the Russian sanctions dropped.  Congress received behind closed doors intelligence briefings and overwhelmingly did not support dropping any of the Russian sanctions.

So Trump sold the entire United States out to the Russians for the right to build a Trump Tower in Moscow.   Is anyone actually surprised?