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The Last Republican

We were all here saddened to learn of the passing of the great Senator John McCain. Some of us…those who are from the branch of we call Conservative Resistance…remember voting for him, when his slogan was “for the sane who remain.” Alas, the sane did not triumph in the Republican Party and as the years went by, McCain became an isolated voice of reason crying in the wilderness.

And, with his death, we realized that something very important had happened. To wit, the last great man…the last reasonable human being…within the Republican Party was gone. He took with him forethought and virtue and honor. All that remains in the Party is bigotry, anger, racism, rage, and greed.

Or, perhaps the better way to say it is that McCain was the last Republican. After him, there is no Republican Party. It is extinct. It is abandoned. The men and women who were the heirs of Lincoln and Sumner have long ago fled its tottering ruins. They are Democrats now, or independents (and we on the Left welcome them to the fight against fascism, even if we don’t always agree with them on economics.)

But, in the end, history will say that McCain was a genuine Titan, and if his career was in some ways tragic (he never became president, he ran with Sarah Palin at his side), it was never-the-less heroic.

He was, indeed, a man of stature and dignity…

…who deserved a better age than he was given.

The Editors