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The “illegitimate” bastard in the White House

Joy Reid is the first mainstream media host to admit Trump’s election was invalid making Trump’s presidency illegitimate.

by Marc Keyser,

Since the beginning of the Trump-Russia investigation, members of the Resistance have been claiming that Trump’s collusion with Russia makes his election illegitimate. The mountain of evidence in the Mueller investigation continues to grow, and now a prominent MSNBC host has finally said what people suspect.

The MSNBC host Joy Reid appeared on Chris Hayes show as a panelist and the discussion focused on the clear evidence that Trump’s campaign did collude with Russia during the election to help Trump win.

Trump’s former adviser George Papadopoulos has already confessed that he told several Trump officials about his plans to conspire with the Kremlin and he’s asserted that Trump himself knew about it.

Joy Reid’s response was, “What if Russia actually did impact the outcome? That means that the fundamental legitimacy of the President of the United States is questionable. Every decision he makes, every judge he appoints, could be inherently illegitimate. And I think that’s actually a fundamental question Americans should be afraid of. Psychologically, it’s very difficult to be told that perhaps your vote was somehow influenced by outsiders, that there was something wrong with the candidate you voted for.”

This is the first mainstream media outlet to publicly acknowledge a serious concern of millions of Americans. What would this unprecedented situation even look like? The Presidency not being legitimate would be the ultimate undoing of American democracy.

Donald Trump will not be the undoing of Democracy.

The crisis is forcing us to defend our beliefs. This is Democracy in action. This is the call to defend our core values. Fighting the evil that Donald Trump has unleashed on the nation only makes us stronger.

The American people elected Hillary Clinton.

Clinton won by 3 million votes. The People got it right. Clinton lost the un-democratic, antiquated Electoral College vote… that could be because voters in key states were targeted by Russian operatives.

The evidence is mounting that Trump colluded with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin to rig the election. That makes the results of the election invalid, and it also makes Trump a traitor.

What matters is the election was tampered with and the results are tainted. Trump’s win is invalid, and that makes Trump the illegitimate President of the United States. It also means that the GOP Republicans in Congress can’t just force President Trump out and make V.P. Mike Pence President.

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A Rigged System – They don’t want to turn over Documents to Congress. What are they afraid of? Why so much redacting? Why such unequal “justice?” At some point I will have no choice but to use the powers granted to the Presidency and get involved

We have to stop Trump from using the powers granted to the President to interfere with the special counsel’s investigation. Trump has no right to occupy the Oval Office, much less govern the nation.

Join the Phone Boycott of Bank of America
to convince Congress to declare Trump’s
win invalid and impeach him…

Call Bank of America 954-227-6696 and tell them to tell Congress to protect the special counsel’s investigation and impeach Trump

Overload the phones, interrupt business and cost the bank enough money to get their attention. Force Congress to Impeach President Trump… to save Bank of America from going under.

GOP Republicans who control Congress can’t afford to lose Bank of America.

The most effective way to reach Congress is to peacefully call Bank of America in such numbers that we brown out their phones, disrupt their business until their customers turn on them. Stockholders will panic and dump their stock, depositors will panic and want their money back for safe keeping.

The Bank of America Phone Boycott will make news; it will go viral; it will activate protesters across the United States and in other countries around the world to join in calling not just Bank of America but their stock brokers, Merrill Edge.

If Trump is telling the truth, if Trump is innocent and the Mueller investigation is a “which hunt”, then we need to shut down Bank of America and force Congress to impeach Donald Trump and let Trump prove his innocence. Trump needs to be charged and put on trial for his criminal behavior, his obstruction of justice, and his acts of treason against the United States of America. Here and now!

The terms of surrender

We have to keep calling Bank of America until Congress gets the message. Congress can impeach the old bastard, or Congress can lose Bank of America and face an economic meltdown on Wall Street.