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The Idiot King Abandons Iran Deal

And surprising absolutely no one, Trump today announced that he was pulling out of the deal with Iran to limit that nation’s nuclear weapons. It is one of those moments to which future historians will point and say, “Yep, that’s pretty freaking stupid, all right.”

I’m not even going to write anything about it because it is so damn depressing. If, however, you want to read a few of the gruesome details you can find all sorts of information on the subject at the following locations:

Iran deal: Trump breaks with European allies over nuclear agreement, The Guardian.

Trump announces plans to pull out of Iran nuclear deal despite pleas from European leaders, Washington Post.

Trump Violates the Iran Nuclear Deal — Ignoring U.S. and Israeli Generals Who Support It, The Intercept.

Iran to negotiate with Europeans, Russia and China about remaining in nuclear deal, Washington Post.

Trump withdraws US from Iran nuclear deal, CNN.

And, my personal fav, Joe Biden’s brilliant take-down of this most recent example of Trumpian Idiocy:

“Today’s announcement that the United States will withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal is a profound mistake…”