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The Hollow Man

Donald Trump has used his reputation as a wealthy man — a billionaire — as the basis of his presidency. He is successful as a businessman and ergo he will be successful as a president.

But, a recent expose by the New York Times (which obtained some of his tax records) has shown that he is, in fact, a massive failure whose “wealth” has been largely built by on a foundation of lies, smoke, and mirrors. He has, actually, lost over a billion dollars between 1985 and 1994. According to Investopedia, meanwhile, what money he really has did not come from any superior deal making skills but rather from his inheritance from a genuinely rich (if not particularly moral) father, and from the exploitation of his reputation for wealth in popular media, as in “The Apprentice” reality TV program.

Thus, increasingly, he looks like an empty suit…just a bag of wind under an orange rug.

But, then, we suspected that all along. But no one on the Right would believe us.