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The Hard Right’s A Cult

Informative and chilling article over on BuzzFeedNews this month, A Former Alt-Right Member’s Message: Get Out While You Still Can by Rosie Gray. In it, Gray tells the story of Katie McHugh, a former darling of the Alt-Right scene known for her explosive tweets and other comments guaranteed to infuriate liberal opinion at every opportunity. This is the woman who wrote, for instance, that “There would be no deadly terror attacks in the U.K. if Muslims didn’t live there.”

However, McHugh ran afoul of some of the Alt-Right’s superstars, and soon found herself marginalized. From her new perspective, she began to realize just what an awful place the Alt-Right really was. Finally, when she’d had more than enough, she left.

But she soon discovered that the Alt-Right functions like a cult. Once you’re in, it is hard to get out. And if you do somehow escape, then the witch-hunters and heresy finders come after you. Gray ends her story of McHugh’s life with the sad image of the woman alone and unemployed, a pariah to the Left and a target to the Right. “At age 28,” says Gray, “she has made herself unemployable in the career field she chose — even on its fringes. She perpetually struggles to support herself financially. It’s easy to see how someone in McHugh’s position might regret the path she took that got her here.”

Thus, advises McHugh, if you’re in the Alt-Right, get out now, before things get far worse.