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The Great Trump Wall

By Marc Keyser,

The story behind the story of the great wall Trump wants to build on our southern border with Mexico must be told.

America is like a man who buys a wall from a con artist who scared the beejesus out of him with stories about how his neighborhood is about to be invaded by a great horde of bad hombres… of the worst sort.

The man was a fool with absolutely no common sense, but at least he had a 30-foot high Trump-border wall in front of his home. He was shocked when the bill came; and he discovered, much to his dismay, that Mexico wasn’t going to pay for the wall.

Then one day it happened, military hackers in Russia didn’t bother to climb the wall, they broke into his computer on the Internet. They hack his computer and sole his identity, his social security number, his date of birth, his bank account pin number, his credit card information, and his pass codes, then they crashed his computer. The man realized he didn’t need a border wall, he needed a fire wall on his computer. Russian hackers were the real enemy in the cyberwar that threaten to destroy America not the poor refugees at the Mexican border seeking asylum.

Kids in the neighborhood tagged the old man’s wall with graffiti: “Border walls are for computer-illiterate dummies… and that would be you.” “It’s the Internet that needs fire walls stupid!

What we should fear is Putin’s control over our President and his army of Russian hackers.

The man with the Trump-Wall in front of his house wakes up one morning to find his bank account empty, his credit cards maxed out, and when he tries to repair the damage, he finds himself listed as “officially diseased” with a long and violent criminal record and a warrant out for his arrest. The bank can’t help him because he is dead. Someone else is using his identity to spend his money and ruin his credit, but the man does have a great Trump Border Wall… and isn’t that great.

China has the Great Wall of China, so why can’t Trump have his Great Wall of America?

Trump told the America people he would build a big, beautiful wall on the border with Mexico, and America is going to safe and secure and Mexico is going to pay for the wall. That is a lie that only the most ignorant and arrogant people on earth could believe.

Mexico will not to pay for the wall, and the wall will not protect America from Russian cyberattacks on the Internet.

As we speak, the Russian army of military computer specialists is sitting at their computers in Russia hacking into our infrastructures run by computers. They sabotaged our last election, they are threatening to disrupt our power grids and disrupt our cities, and who knows what else that is run by computers connected to the Internet.

The Russian invasion of America is not by land or by sea, but on the Internet.

Rhode Island Democratic congressman David Cicilline made mincemeat of Fox News host Julie Banderas, after she tried to defend President Donald Trump’s border wall.

This notion that Democrats don’t support border security is a silly claim. We just think it should be done in a smart, cost-effective way using new technologies,” Cicilline added that the president’s shutdown was a stunt.

He wants to distract from the other very bad things that have happened in the last two weeks. Trump lost his defense secretary in a very serious rebuke of his foreign policy, the Trump Foundation was closed because of persistent illegalities, he lost the ISIS coordinator Mr. McGurk, the stock market has been very volatile, the walls are closing in with the Mueller investigation. I think the president has decided, ‘you know what, a shutdown will distract from all of that’ and he’s right.”

Trump’s great border wall will not protect America from the real and imminent threat to national security, which is the Russian cyberattack on America’s infrastructure which is all on line.

Putin launched a cyberattack on our election to help Trump win, and now Russian dictator President Vladimir owns Trump. Trump is Putin’s asset in the White House and what could be more dangerous that a Russian controlled traitor in the White House who is a lying lunatic at the head of our government engulfing the nation in chaos with his insane behavior?

Putin benefits from the political fight over Trump’s Border Wall immensely, because it distracts from Russia’s cyberattack on our elections and his plans to use the Internet to hack and disrupt our nation’s power grid and other vital infrastructures. Putin doesn’t want Americans to realize what we need is Fire Walls to keep Russian hackers out. We are in a cyberwar with Russia, and Russia is winning because we don’t know we are being attacked.

The invasion is not hordes of refugees at the board, the invasion is Russian military hackers on the internet engaged in a silent, unseen cyberattack on our last election and on our life-support infrastructures.

Trump’s phony Boarder Wall is nothing more than a diversion, a smoke screen.

The real danger to America is the invisible army of military computer specialists in Russia using the Internet to manipulate our elections and hack into our vital infrastructures starting with power grids. The real danger is the Russian cyberwar on America… the war most Americans don’t get, because Trump has been making up all this nonsense and lies about his Wall on the border.

President Trump shut down the government, which is killing government workers. Now he is threatening to shut down the border with Mexico, which could cost our economy billions of dollars while ignoring the threat of the Russian cyberwarfare on Internet where we don’t have the FIRE WALLS to stop them.

Trump and Trump Republicans in Congress are ignoring the imminent threat of Russians hacking into our infrastructures, shutting down power grids, turning off the lights, plunging cities into darkness and wreaking havoc on our cities and on our economy. Why?

The truth is, Trump conspired with the Russians to win the election. Trump’s “victory” is a fraud. Trump committed treason to win. The last thing Trump and the Republicans want exposed would be his crimes and their cover-up. Why? Because they want to stay in power and control the government.

Trump dares not offend Putin by calling attention to the need for cybersecurity against Putin’s army of military hackers at their computers in Russia waging cyberwar on America. Why. Because Trump conspired with Putin to rig the election, and Putin is blackmailing Trump. Putin has enough dirt on Trump and his crimes to get Trump impeached, sent to prison for life, and burn in hell.


President Trump is President Putin’s butt-boy asset in the White House


Donald Trump sits in the Oval Office because the Russians hacked our election and helped him win. Putin owns Trump; Putin is in control. President Trump does what President Putin tells him to because Putin is blackmailing him. Trump does what is best for Russia at the expense of America. Trump is in the White House giving aid and comfort to the enemy… that used to be called treason.

When Trump promotes White Supremacy, demonizes refugees promises to build the Great Wall and says Mexico will pay for it, he polarizes society, he divides us, and he keeps the nation in constant chaos with lie after lie to avoid being impeached and sent to prison for his cart load of crimes.

Trump is a broken record repeating over and over and over, “fake news”, there was no collusion and if there was collusion it is not a crime, and the Mueller investigation is “which hunt.” Lying about a thing over and over and over does not make it true.

Trump has made the Wall on the Mexican border his top tweeting point.

Why? Because it was a campaign promise, and because the way any dictator gains power is to divide and conquer. Putin wants the nation engulfed in social conflict and chaos over the border wall to hide the fact that Russia is engaged in a silent cyberwar against America.

The real danger is not the border with Mexico; the real danger is the Internet without borders.

We need cybersecurity to stop the Russian army of hackers from hacking our elections and crippling our infrastructures. We need more sophisticated anti-virus software that can’t be hacked. We need Fire Walls on the Internet to protect our infrastructures and our elections… not a stupid Trump-Wall on the border.

President Trump is Putin’s Trojan Horse.

Putin helped Trump win the election so he can have an American President he can blackmail and control. But Putin got a bonus with Trump. Trump is a Trojan Horse, a sociopath who is bankrupting America the way he bankrupted his businesses and plunging the nation into chaos.

Trump wants a fight with the Democrats over the border wall because it distracts from the scandals consuming his presidency, and it hides the truth that Putin’s goal is a Cyberwar to cripple the American Empire without firing a shot.

We are so blinded by Trump’s lunatic tweets and his fight with Democrats in Congress over the border wall funding we can’t see the real danger. Trump is distracting America with his border wall while Putin is attacking America with his army of cyberhackers.

As the multiple investigations into Trump’s criminal activities (including treason) grow, Trump fights with the Democrats over the wall and shuts down the government hurting government workers. Now Trump is threatening to shut down the border with Mexico, which will disrupt the economy and could cost us billions of dollars…. and nothing could please Putin more.

Trump said Mexico would pay for the wall. Trump lied again. Democrats in Congress need to tell Trump he can build his wall when Mexico pays for it… because the American taxpayers are not buying it.

Trump must be impeached and Putin must be put in his place.

Whether we admit it or not, we are in a Cyberwar with Russia. We are under attack, and our government has failed to respond. We need to call up the Army of Resistance, weaponize our phones and take the fight to Putin.

Mobilize the Resistance to hack the Russian VTB Bank

Go viral on the Internet. Recruit Freedom Fighters to join in calling the Russian VTB Bank (Putin’s personal bank) in New York, London and Frankfort to overload their phones, disrupt their business, and give Russian dictator Putin an international financial crisis. Overload their phones, cripple their business, shut the lights off at the VTB Bank. Putin wants a Cyberwar; the Resistance will give him more than he bargained for.

Social network and go viral.

Spread the word on social media and activate protesters around the globe to join in calling. Raise up the Army of the Resistance to invade the phones and hack VTB Bank. Give Russia an International monetary crisis, which will spread and set off a run on the VTB Bank inside Russian causing an economic meltdown and undermining the Putin Regime.

People in Russia know one thing for certain about Russian banks, if the banks fail…. people who do not get their money out will not get their money back.

Join the Resistance Fighters.

Call Putin’s VTB Bank, hack their phones, cripple their business, kick them out of the U.S, the UK, and Germany, give Putin an international monetary crisis, and activate the Resistance in Russia to call the banks, take their money out, and start a run on the banks.

Call VTB Bank and send our regards to Russia with love.