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The GOP = Titanic + Iceberg

You ever drop a soda bottle in the water and hear it go gurgle, gurgle, gurgle as it goes down? Well, that’s the sound you may be hearing from the GOP come the midterms. According to the Washington Post, even Mitch (rhymes with rich) McConnell is worried.

In Shipwreck: GOP grows fearful about losing Senate as candidates struggle, Trump support tumbles, Sean Sullivan quotes him as saying, “I hope when the smoke clears, we’ll still have a majority.” Further, says Sullivan, McConnell’s “…comments came as Republican strategists and officials fretted over a fresh round of private polling on the Senate races, while public polls registered further erosion in Americans’ approval of Trump. ‘Shipwreck’ was how one leading strategist described the situation, adding an expletive to underscore the severity of the party’s problems.”

Still, maybe there’ll be an upside for Republicans. For years now they’ve been saying, “Draw me like one of Donald Trump’s girls.” Maybe, if they’re lucky, they’ll find a table to float on after the crash.