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The GOP, Russia’s Gamepiece

Russia has known all along that they couldn’t defeat the United States in a head on confrontation. The United States simply spends way too much on its military for the former Soviet Union to keep up.

Russia however has had a plan all along and that is to demoralize and rot America from the inside out.  Although this type of strategy is a lengthy one as most people don’t give up their morals and values right away. It has been a game that Russia has been willing to play for decades in order to defeat their old adversary, us Americans.

If one actually thinks about it the GOP played nicely into Russia’s covert psychological operations on the American people.  The GOP as of lately has demonstrated that anything is acceptable as long as they are on the receiving end of money or private profit.

What you are currently looking at in the GOP is not your grandmother’s political party.  Chances are your grandma had values had morals and would be ashamed of what currently passes as the GOP.  This is a group of people willing to do any type of harm to their own country as long as as they get money out of it. Little children getting their heads blown off by guns at school…  Most rational people would have a severe problet with that. But not the GOP lawmakers as they look the other way to count their campaign contributions.  Teachers getting killed trying to teach. Oh that’s not a “real issue” because the NRA gave so many of them a large donation last year and probably will do the same again next year.

Hitler capitalized on the around 40% of the population that showed no empathy whatsoever for their fellow man. Trump still has an approval rating slightly less than that same percentage and I argue it’s not a coincidence.  There is a larger section of the population that shows zero empathy towards others.  Most of the time they do know enough not to express certain opinions publically because they do know a majority of the population will chastise them for being so heartless, cold, and uncaring.  However in an environment such as now with self-admitted “nationalists” that are actually white nationalists in charge, many of these people feel way more safe in expressing their own actual opinions.

After decades of school and mass shootings many Americans have been full desensitized to violence and cruelty.  There’s basically nothing that can be done that would phase some of these people at this point.  Somebody could rip a baby from a mother and beat it to death with a baseball bat or empty a machine gun into it and some of these same people would probably try and convince you the baby had it coming and deserved it.

What you are seeing is the result of decades and decades of Russian psychological operations to try and rot away the values and ethics of Americans.  A divided and demoralized United States could be defeated by Russia.  That was all part of the plan for some time now.

Now as Americans we need to make a conscious decision over whether we want to keep playing Russia’s game of division and moral decay.  Or whether we want to unite around a common set of core values.  So much misinformation going around and unfortunately apparently a decent section of the population isn’t much smarter than a golden retriever and has no ability to rationally or logically think (or understand even basics).

We often wonder how the Dark Ages happened.  Well, its quite clear to me now that many people just took for fact any random thing said or written down without question, without analyzing, and without thinking.  Reminds me so much of the “Trump Era”.  This is the “Fox News said it so it MUST be true crowd”.

The path of division we are headed on at some point will do us in unless we make an effort to change. The GOP essentially has been the worm in the apple rotting it from the inside out. Making sure enough Americans have absolutely zero ethics and essentially evil money worshipping morals.   Currently so many Americans are completely unwilling to help their fellow man or woman at all.  Does this really sound like “strong American values” to anyone?  It sure doesn’t to me…

If we really want to make America a better place here’s an idea how about we as a country demonstrate some backbone and morals.  How about we demand people like lawmakers that people look up to start actually displaying family values (instead of hypocritically talking about it).  For the current GOP many only like to talk about family values they don’t like to practice them. Apparently family values is something married GOP lawmakers like to talk about when they aren’t trying to openly persecute a certain group of people,  or have adulterous gay sex in an airport bathroom, or sex with minor children, or sleeping with pornstars, or paying off mistresses/pornstars.  I could probably go on and on… but I think you get the picture.

Chris Madsen