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The Final Solution…

In my mind the final solution to our societal woes goes something like this:  Maybe Bernie Sanders or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez need to introduce legislation that makes it illegal for any one individual to hoard more money and resources than he/she could ever possibly spend/use in his/her lifetime. I foresee one of two things then happening as a result.  Either the dinosaurs on the far right will all collectively die off in a massive group heart attack extinction or their assholes will clench so tightly they might each create their own mini black hole subspace disturbances and collapse inwards into a non-existence.

Either way is actually fine with me as long as we get the desired outcome of not having to continue to deal with these assholes.  It just kind of seems like to me that we shouldn’t leave it solely up to people that live in penthouses to decide what is “socially just”.  Especially, if those people have a long history of screwing people over to be able to afford that penthouse.  Apparently some people always constantly feel like they need to be getting “more” or “winning”.  When in reality they are just screwing others over in an attempt to stay further ahead of the game.  It just seems like giving people like that so much power sets a bad precedent.

It sure would be nice to end this ongoing national nightmare.  Just like Michael Jackson got a free pass by our society to molest children because he had “enough money”.  Donald Trump has always been given a free pass because he’s always had “enough money”.  No one seemed to care either when allegations came out about a 13 year old being raped by Donald Trump.  I guess he had “enough money” so all the evangelicals decided it didn’t matter.

So as a society we have enabled, feed, and allowed this monster to grow for decades by never holding him or others in the monied class accountable for anything.  It should be obvious Trumpzilla knows no ethical or moral boundaries. OMG, it’s Trumpzilla trying to destroy social security and pensions?  OMG, is that Trumpzilla attacking Medicare now?  Trumpzilla is dismantling the EPA!  We’re all doomed what will Trumpzilla destroy next?  I can only hope Democrats will find Trumpzilla’s Achilles heal.  We can also only hope that Trump’s fat truck driver’s ass will make a very large “thud” when it does finally hit the ground.