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The Democratic Party Reborn

The Blue Dogs are dead!

The Democratic Party is changing dramatically. It is becoming more unified, more liberal, more focused, and way more urban. That’s the conclusion, anyway, of CNN Politics’ senior analyst

But, then, racists and conservatives drifted into the GOP after the 1960s. Then, with Trump, the south and most rural communities left the Democratic Party. That’s meant that the “Blue Dogs,” conservative Democrats, are now an endangered species.

That’s bad, in that it helped put the Orange One into the White House. But it is good in that now the Democratic Party is composed almost exclusively of Liberals and Progressives, most of them living in urban areas. That’s going to move the party rapidly away from the Right and toward people like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and maybe most of all, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

And, given that those urban areas are increasingly prosperous while the rural hinterlands are dying…

Let’s just say that the GOP had better watch its ass.