The Deep Fake Threat - Liberal Resistance

The Deep Fake Threat

by Chris Madsen

A large threat to the coming election is technology has developed to the point it is now possible to easily make “Deep Fake” videos.  Deep Fake videos can make it look like anyone is saying anything.  

With at least 2 minutes of audio of someone talking an electronic voice can then be created.  This electronic voice can then be used to create new speech that sounds like the target.

Facial reenactment (from a source to a target) has almost been perfected.  This means the synthesis of mouth movements looks authentic and the lips move along with the words.  Essentially a video is created were a source (any person) is recorded speaking and the computer learns the mouth movements that go along with that speech. Then the speech is converted using the new electronic voice and the mouth movements are put on the target actor.

High quality fakes can be made from as few as 1000 images which is only about 30 seconds of video.  Anyone could easily be able to find 30 seconds of video of any political candidate.

Younger people are probably less likely to fall for it, but older people who aren’t as tech savy could more easily be fooled by what looks to be an authentic video.

For example if I, as the source, did a video with this technology and it watched my lips move to “I love Cheetos, I even roll around in Cheetos dust to achieve my complexion.”  A video could then easily be made that makes it look like Donald Trump, the target, is saying that in his own voice with his lips moving near perfectly to the words.

The Social Media companies need to be developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) that can recognize these videos as fakes and remove them.  This type of heavy editing must leave some sort of digital signature.  AI should also be able to spot the same video in different posts as well.  Humans may need to flag these videos at first but hopefully the AI can learn to spot them on its own.

We need to have a serious talk in this nation about what constitutes election fraud. Should creating or sharing a doctored video of a political opponent saying something he or she would never say be considered election fraud?


Below is a deep fake video of Kim Kardashian.  Can you tell it is fake?