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The Culture Of Death

Powerful piece over on TruthDig. In Trump, the NRA, Mass Shootings and the American Culture of Death, Bill Blum argues that America has reached a point at which violence, death, gun ownership, and the exclusion of certain out groups have all merged with a final stage of high capitalism in which most people are considered disposable. As far as the elites are concerned, most of us can and should be thrown away when we’ve reached the end of our shelf life.

Thus, he writes, Trump and the NRA re-enforce one another, and are more destructive than the sum of their parts. The American culture of death, he says, is one in which society values profit above all else, and regards even human beings as something whose value can be determined by corporate spreadsheets.

Later, he quotes Henry Giroux to the effect that, “We live in an age in which the politics of disposability has merged with what … Jeffrey St. Clair has called the spectacle of ‘American Carnage.’ The machineries of social death and misery now drive a mode of casino capitalism in which more and more people are considered waste, expendable and excess. The politics of disposability now couples with acts of extreme violence as pressure grows to exclude more and more people from the zones of visibility, justice and compassion. This is especially true for children. Violence against children in the United States has reached epidemic proportions.”

All of this is terrifying, and you have to think it is right on target—a metaphor which, in the age of the gun, may be most unfortunate.