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The Crimson Tide Rises In Our Silence

First off, we need to all recognize what is going on in our country is not normal… and never will be normal. Russia failed in installing an extreme Russia supporting government in France, but they did succeed here. The faster that everyone realizes this is the current reality the faster this country can recover.

Mueller has produced indictment after and indictment followed by guilty plea after guilty plea, and even a few felony convictions. Mueller’s filliping more people in Trump’s inner circle into cooperating witnesses than a Russian circus act. He’s slowly but surely working his way up. Seems there’s a few more people that haven’t been taken down yet, but it seems his sights are rightfully set all the way at the top with Trump, himself.

The United States has never seen in it’s history a fascist wannabe dictator like Trump. This makes it difficult for many to put into context what is happening. As many people don’t have a proper frame of reference for this type of behavior. To put it simply the Russian Red Tide or Crimson Tide slowly rises. It is a lot of little things that add up to a higher and higher tide. It’s done slowly and progressively so not everyone will even notice. The best way to help counteract this slow erosion of our republic is speak out while you still have the opportunity. Trump has failed to reach the point yet where he can retaliate against everyone that speaks out against him.

When something doesn’t seem right make your opinion known. This helps others know too that they are not alone and it is ok to speak out against fascism and a dictatorial regime. Trust me Trump is on the wrong side of history. Speaking out against him is the right side of history. Even if you supported him in the past it is not to late to change your mind right here and right now. What Trump is trying to do by consolidating more and more power into the President’s office was never intended by our founding fathers. We are supposed to have a system of checks and balances. That is the American way. No one man or woman is supposed to set all the rules, and no one is supposed to be above the law. Unfortunately the current Red Congress is refusing to do its job. They have hard-lined to the right and have clearly chosen their own party politics and personal interests ahead of what is best for this country. So please vote, encourage everyone to vote, take someone who doesn’t have a ride with you to vote if you can. We can’t make a blue wave a reality unless people actually take the time to vote. Even President Obama has come out and spoken out about how important this election is to our country. The more people that show up or cast a vote the better. The more minorities and younger people that vote even better.

If you don’t want to have to argue or fully explain yourself to a Trumpster, as sometimes this is very futile, it can be simply phrased as “That’s not the American way” or “That’s not how we do things in this country”. Even those small simple phrases of defiance help push the point that this isn’t how things used to be done or should be done and it helps change the narrative in this country. The narrative needs to be how to we fix the situation we are in… That is a complex question but a Blue Congress willing to rightfully impeach the president is a major step in the right direction.

So please don’t just sit back and be complacent thinking your voice or vote doesn’t matter. It does matter and actually means even more at this point because your voice may help someone else see the light and help them voice the truth as well and hopefully set off a chain reaction.

~Chris Madsen