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The Cold War Chess Game

I know the Cold War is something most Americans would like to pretend ended with the tearing down of the Berlin wall decades ago.   The reality is it didn’t end, and it is actually frozen over at the moment.  Not very long ago Putin was talking about Russia wanting to put nuclear missiles in Cuba again.  Now Putin is talking about Russia putting nuclear missiles on a Venezuelan island in the Caribbean.  I wonder if that island has a Bay of Pigs as well?  

I’m hoping that history will remember the Trump administration for being a slow moving and failed coup d’état.  I’ve experienced slow moving natural disasters like lava before.  They are probably even more difficult to deal with because the stressful part goes on and on at times seemingly without end.  We already know the crimson tide has been rising, but as a nation we seem unsure if an unexpected crimson tsunami is also going to soon follow and come crashing down.

It will not be action, but Russian apathy and lack of action that will be the most dangerous for this country.   I can only hope that the 5 star generals in the military have enough desire to actually protect this country against attack.  Clearly, Trump will probably choose to do nothing if the attack is from Russia/Putin.  We are dealing with extraordinarily circumstances here, a tyrant that came to power through the treasonous aide of the country most likely to attack us.  It sure seems to me that the current president is incapacitated in his ability protect this country due to his numerous foreign ties.  It also appears to me that the Crimson Congress is also incapacitated due to many of them wrongfully haven taken Russian money as well.  They are too preoccupied trying to cover their own trails. It sure seems like with a treasonous “President” and a corrupted Crimson Congress that the next in line to make appropriate defensive decisions is the military itself.  I have seen no reports or allegations of Russian money having infiltrated high levels of the United States military.

Currently Russia still has several key assets in play.  This is potentially the best their game board is ever going to look.  From now until the period in which a new House of Representatives is sworn in and a new leadership is established it sure seems like that national security threat should be at least a code Trump (I mean code orange) through early January at least.  What makes me believe this to be true threat is Russia has more pieces in the game right now and has a better chance of also winning right now.  So strategically knowing Russia tends to strike before they enter the decline then it sure seems logical Russia could make a move before its key pieces are removed. Russia will essentially lose a rook as the House becomes democratically led.  They will lose a knight as current House Majority Speaker Ryan disappears into obscurity.  The New House will have the opportunity to rightfully begin impeachment, and that will put Russia’s key asset the Drama Queen from Queens at risk.  Once the Queen is either disabled or taken out at that point Russia has essentially lost the game.

I’m hoping that our democratic process will once again regain a foothold after a new congress is sworn in to power.  However, until that happens we seem to be in a window of uncertainty.  It is quite possible that Russia would attempt to make a move before its key assets are removed.  Currently, this country’s biggest threat lies in the covert inaction of the completely compromised and complicit rather than any of their overt actions.

Let us also never lose sight of the fact that Donald J. Trump lost the popular vote by some 3 million votes.  If we had a truly democratic system where every vote counted equally then even with all the Russian interference in the 2016 election Trump would have never even made it into power.

By Chris Madsen