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The Anti-Solar-Panel

I try to keep up on the latest green energy technology. Here’s some technology to invest some of that Green New Deal money on.  A traditional solar panel transfers the heat coming towards the cooler earth into electricity.  This device transfers the heat leaving the warmer earth when it is dark out into energy.  Anyone that tries to say we can’t switch to 100% clean and renewable power is either brainwashed by the oil industry or working for the oil industry.  Dry places like the desert cool off fast when the sun goes down, as there is little moisture to trap the heat.  Water can be heated by the sun during the day and it will cool consistently all night long.

Capitalism is pure evil.  We are led to believe killing the planet is the best option so the 1% can profit off of oil sales.  I sure don’t think that is the best solution.  Before the Oil Companies all go defunct they need to be heavily fined for all the environmental damage they have done.  That money can then be invested in creating even better solutions to help repair that environmental damage.

The Anti-Solar Panel – A Device That Generates Electricity From Darkness