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Tennessee Judge Says Jews Should “Get Over It”

Are we in a new era of antisemitism? You could be excused for thinking that we might be. Most recently, a Tennessee judge, Jim Lammey from Shelby County Criminal Court, posted to a Facebook page that Jews should “get the f**k over the Holocaust.” He has also re-posted material from a Holocaust denier.

The remarks would have remained unknown, but the judge accidentally switched his Facebook page from private to public, and the result was that his innermost thoughts were suddenly visible to the world.

The judge has defended himself, saying that he can criticize Jews, and their response to the Holocaust, without himself being antisemitic. But, still, that he was willing to post such remarks and reveal them (at least to his own inner circle) is very disturbing. You have to ask what other unattractive opinions he possesses.

But, then, in tRump’s America, you also have to ask if such bigotry isn’t a career advantage.

Horribly enough.