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Tax Bill Scam Hits Home

The amazing thing is that anyone ever thought that the GOP tax bill would be anything other than a complete scam designed to shift the tax burden to people in the lower and middle classes (who can least afford it) and away from the upper classes (who could).

But, somehow, at least some people managed to convince themselves of that. Now, they may be waking up…with the economic equivalent of a pale of ice water tossed into their face. According to a recent article in Alternet, reproduced in Salon, People are starting to realize the GOP tax bill was a massive scam by Cody Fenwick, the reality of the tax package is beginning to strike home with most Americans.

Fenwick notes that only 37 percent of Americans noticed any upward change in their paychecks, while 53 percent saw no change. And want to guess who is benefitting? You got it. People who already have a high income.

And it is going to get worse. Fenwick says that many studies suggest that most people (at least people who aren’t already rich) will see much higher taxes before the end of the decade.

In short, in practice, draining the swamp seems to mean kicking out the waterfowl so that the leeches can frolic, and reproduce, without limit.


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