Tantrum Time - Liberal Resistance

Tantrum Time

By Peter H. Salus

One never knows when a head of state will throw a tantrum:  De Gaulle withdrawing from NATO comes to mind (beginning in 1959).  Or Ronald Reagan dropping out of UNESCO (1984).  Then things change.  France regained full NATO status in 2009 under Sarkozy.  The US rejoined UNESCO in 2003…But stopped paying dues a few years ago.

Now, Donald Trump is dropping out of UNESCO again (effective at the end of 2018) and his pal Bibi Netanyahu has announced “me too.”

Ostensibly, the reason for Trump’s action is that UNESCO is anti-Israeli.  Proof of this is found in its permitting the Palestinians to be represented and in declaring several ancient Jewish sites as Palestinian heritage sites, we are told.

Trump has withdrawn the US from the Climate Change agreement, has dropped the Pacific Trade agreement, and is in the throes of “re-negotiating” NAFTA.  Domestically, as a Canadian, I forbear any comment.

Since 1917, when the US entered WWI, the influence and reliability of the US have been unquestioned.  In the nine-month gestation period since January 20, the honor and credit of the US have been maimed.