Take Your Boost And … (A Few Peeved Remarks About Facebook’s Refusal To “Boost” Our Posting) - Liberal Resistance

Take Your Boost And … (A Few Peeved Remarks About Facebook’s Refusal To “Boost” Our Posting)

So, we’re not happy right now.

Here’s why: Facebook is refusing to let us “boost,” (which is their fancy way of saying “advertise”) one of our postings. We’ve written this story, you see, about a situation here in our hometown where some disturbing info has come up about a local attorney and candidate for office. (See: “Evidence of Robert Aragon Committing Tax Evasion or Worse?”)


We’d like more people to know about this interesting little mess, and so we wanted to buy an ad to promote our article about it. But Facebook won’t sell it to us. We’re just not being nice, says Facebook.  And Facebook is all about niceness. You betcha.  And morality. Oh, yeah. That morality bit. That’s what FB does best.

Except… you know…well, that is….where was all that morality when FB accepted $150,000 worth of advertising from Russian accounts to put Trump into the White House? And keep a Democrat out?

Gee. Must have been a temporary failure of the morality circuit. Or the nice-nice switch somehow just didn’t get flipped. Just an accident, we’re sure.

Still…maybe, do you suppose, perhaps… that the aforementioned one hundred and fifty thousand dollars might have had a little something to do with it?

Naw. Surely not. Surely, we’re being paranoid.

Though, just as an aside, we’re really enjoying an article we recently saw in The Sacramento Bee, “Unraveling Russia’s Facebook strategy calls for deep dive by investigators” by Peter Stone and Greg Gordon (http://www.sacbee.com/news/business/technology/article173176276.html#storylink=cpy).

Maybe you’d enjoy it, too. Go ahead. Hit the link. We don’t mind you leaving our site and going to a competitor’s. We’re just good that way.

Or, if you prefer, we’re just so gawdamn nice.

Know what we mean?