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Hey Kamala you lost me

By Dave McElhaney   Last year during the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, Mark Zuckerberg  dodged questions for 10 hours. This included the famous catch phrase  after Utah’s senator Hatch asked him, “How do you sustain a business model  when Facebook is free?”  “Senator we run adds,” said Zuckerberg smirking. But it was Kamala Harris who did the best job of…

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A New Facebook? Or the End of Facebook?

Facebook has undergone a startling corporate shake up, with long time star Chris Cox leaving the company. His departure follows announcements from Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg that the social media platform will be focusing on developing encrypted messaging networks–this after social media has proven politically dangerous. Casey Newton, who writes about Facebook and other technical…

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Facebook Isn’t The Problem. Congress is.

Congress has recently grilled Facebook’s Marc Zukerberg and Facebook itself has come in for a lot of (well-deserved) abuse in recent weeks. But is Facebook really the problem? Ms. Zeynep Tufekci, a cyber-security expert and commentator, rather suspects not. The real problem, she suggests, is Congress, which has had the power to regulate social media,…

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