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Beefeaters Strike (and it was all yellow)

So here’s an interesting wrinkle. The Beefeaters, the ceremonial guards at the Tower of London (and the world’s most famous Gin company mascots) are going on strike. And they’re adopting the Yellow Jacket emblem to do it. According to the APP, “Beefeater guards at the Tower of London switched their traditional red uniforms for yellow…

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Yellow Vests Join Forces With Police?

The Yellow Vest protests (or riots) continue unabated. They’ve spread for France to other countries–as far away, in fact, as Taiwan. Though what we are to make of them continues to be something of a mystery. Both the American Left and Right have tried to claim them. Trump and his followers see them as fellow anti-tax…

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The Yellow Jacket Revolution

From a half a world away I’m trying to understand and explain the yellow jacket revolution in a context that is relatable to most Americans.  As they riot in Paris, and now across Europe,  the protesters wear yellow because it is highly visible and meant to be seen (or demands to be seen).  They also…

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