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DeVega: Trump’s Racism Will Help Him Win

Fascinating article by Chauncey DeVega over on Slate,  Still believe Trump’s racism won’t get him re-elected? That’s what you thought the last time too In the piece, DeVaga argues that more Americans than we would like to believe are solidly racist, and this will help put Trump back into the White House. Seriously scary.

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by Virtual Reality2, Marc Keyser host and commentator Fox News has become President Donald J. Trump’s State Propaganda platform fawning over Trump, lying incessantly for him, and attacking people who are opposed. If we are to successfully undermine the Trump regime, we must first deconstruct Fox News and shut them down. Trump would not have…

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Exclusion Breeds Monsters

This may come under the heading of “No. Really? You think?”, but there has been an interesting development in the study of human behavior and of the origins of radicalism. According to The Guardian, a recent study has shown that people who feel excluded from their larger society are more likely to adopt extreme, or…

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Why Are White Killers Humanized?

Here’s an interesting question that’s been posed over on MSNBC site. To wit, after the New Zealand mass killing, at least some media outlets went out of their way to present the killer as a human being. In other words, white mass murderers are not “terrorists.” They are “shooters.” By contrast, notes NBC, Black or…

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The More Things Change…

…the more they stay the same. From Ancient Times to the Modern Era by Rabbi Yeshaia Charles Familant Purim is a’comin this Wednesday eve to Thursday eve. The megillah (the scroll of the biblical book of Esther) is read on the eve of Purim. If you’re Jewish you may have such associations with this holiday…

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