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Petition:Ben & Jerry Are Back (And Bernie’s Got ‘Em)

We don’t normally mention petitions on LR net, but this one is kind of fun. Ben and Jerry, the ice cream guys (whose products have probably done more to cure depression than all the Prozac on the planet) are urging Bernie Sanders to run for president in 2020. Here at the magazine, we’re sort of…

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Well, folks, we did it! As of yesterday, Progressive forces scored victories all across the nation. While the Senate eluded us (but, then, we never really expected to get it), we have now got the House and scores of governorships across the country. And, just as importantly, we’ve proved to ourselves and the world that…

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Even If We Lose…We Win

Well, everyone, as I write this, the election is coming to an end. It is nine here in New Mexico, which means that the polls are just now closing or will soon close in California, Hawaii, and Alaska. There are still votes being cast, and more to come, but for most of us the contest…

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