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Well, folks, we did it! As of yesterday, Progressive forces scored victories all across the nation. While the Senate eluded us (but, then, we never really expected to get it), we have now got the House and scores of governorships across the country. And, just as importantly, we’ve proved to ourselves and the world that…

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Even If We Lose…We Win

Well, everyone, as I write this, the election is coming to an end. It is nine here in New Mexico, which means that the polls are just now closing or will soon close in California, Hawaii, and Alaska. There are still votes being cast, and more to come, but for most of us the contest…

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Vote! It’s Zero Hour

Okay, everyone. Today is the day. It is zero hour. It is election day. If you haven’t yet voted, do so before the polls close. In fact, do it NOW. Before the time slips away. If you have voted already, terrific. That’s great. More power to you. But, now, see if you can help others…

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