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Video: When It Is All Over

  How will they deal, I wonder, with the historians of the future? In time, of course, Trump will fall. And then, how, I wonder, will the people who today support him justify themselves? How will they present themselves to those who will write the story of our age? How, that is, will they try…

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Video: To Hell With LR Net

Your humble editor is so tired of writing for LR NET that he could just about spit. But, that said, even when tRump’s gone, the problems that created him will remain. Until those are addressed, we may all of us have to stay on the job. This little video addresses that issue, and does so…

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John Oliver Says “Fuck You, Bob”

So, this is funny. In 2017, John Oliver of Last Week Tonight did a piece on coal company CEO Bob Murray. Murray promptly sued him and HBO. The suit, according to Oliver and other observers, seems to have been part of a larger strategy to silence critics with threats of expensive legal action. This has…

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Kind Of Nice

This video is rather sweet. If only all our interfaith interactions were as kind.   This player’s hijab started falling off to reveal her hair, so opponents circled her to hide her while she fixed it. from r/gif

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