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Tweet:”I’m sticking with the Union!”

Imagine coming together with not only your co-workers in your building but ALL of your peers in your community and state.#UnionsForAll would give the power to working people. Where it belongs. https://t.co/gUHTen5vPV — SEIU (@SEIU) October 3, 2019

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Unions Are BACK!

From Jacobin Magazine: Americans Are Starting to Love Unions Again, “Labor union approval is now higher than at nearly any point in the last 50 years. The reasons: shit pay, teacher strikes, and Bernie Sanders,” by Meagan Day. And it is about time, in our humble opinion. Too many Americans thought they could be white…

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Rise Of The White Collar Unions

Interesting piece over on Slate recently, The Future of Unions Is White-Collar: Blue-collar jobs are disappearing. But a powerful new wave of organized labor is taking its place by Bret Schulte. In it, Schulte argues that while traditional, blue collar unions are, indeed, withering away, there’s a new wave of white collar unions springing up…

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Change “Union Opt Out”

Over approximately the last 40 years the labor unions of The United States have lost much of their strength due to American corporations doing everything they can to pressure workers not to join a union. Many even hand out anti-union propaganda pamphlets or make people watch anti-union propaganda videos at employee orientations. They do their…

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