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Giuliani, Ukraine’s Pal

From MSNBC: Ukrainian officials and Giuliani are sharing back-channel campaign information: report ran an article a little while back about Giuliani acting as a possible unregistered foreign agent where he was paid a large sum of money to speak in the Ukraine.  That sounds like a payment for his involvement in this. Seems like…

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World War 3?

On Sunday 11/25/2018, “Russian ships fired on three Ukrainian vessels in the Kerch Strait — a critical passage connecting the Black Sea to the Sea of Azov — injuring at least six sailors. Moscow’s crew has since boarded Kiev’s two warships and one tugboat, detaining more than 20 sailors, and even placed a freighter ship…

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Go West, Germany!

by Colette Hartwich Being placed by both history and geography in a position between East and West, Germany has been, especially after reunification with the ex-socialist twin, hesitating between East and West. The rapid decline of the US as a world power, both politically and economically, a decline symbolized and worsened by President Trump, has,…

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Back To Politics

The West should start noticing and encouraging grassroots[1]-democracy in Ukraine: The Kyiv City Council, ruling over 3 million inhabitants has adopted exceptionally protective measures for real estate transactions, like forbidding beneficial ownership. They went as far as starting to fully inform their citizens on plenary meetings by televising their plenary meetings live. Town Hall property…

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The Nation: The USA Is Way Too Close To Ukrainian Nazis

Editor’s Note: Stephen F. Cohen, a professor of Russian Studies and Politics, has argued that the USA is far too forgiving of Fascistic parties in Ukraine. The following piece by the writer who uses the pen name “Andreas” explores that argument. However, we should note that there are also positive aspects of Ukrainian politics. See,…

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Following the Ukraine Week in Berlin

By Colette Hartwich-Soreau     Editor’s Note: This week we welcome a new writer to our site, Colette Hartwich – Soreau is a French citizen of Ukrainian origin who is currently a resident of Berlin. She has graciously agreed to give us her thoughts on the positive site of Ukraine, which is so often given…

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