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Dogs Of War…in UAE

A short while back we did a piece on Erik Prince, Donald Trump’s favorite condottiere, who is currently using his connections with the Orange regime to rebuild his business as the mercenary captain par excellence. But it turns out the story keeps getting better. One of Prince’s first and best customers was the United Arab…

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It Wasn’t Just Russia

Fascinating article over on The Intercept this week. Check out Jeremy Scahill’s More Than Just Russia — There’s a Strong Case for the Trump Team Colluding With Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the UAE. In it, Scahill says that Trump and Trump’s minions may have colluded with Russia to get the White House, but it is…

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We’re Looking For A Few Good Reads

It’s been hard to keep up this week. Seems like things are popping everywhere. But, as best as we can keep track of it all, here are some of the more interesting articles that have been on the web this week. John Dowd, Trump’s personal mouthpiece…er, lawyer…has just resigned. The Washington Post notes “Dowd’s departure…

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