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The Stepford Babushkas

Much like an accident from which you can’t turn away – or an idiot staring at the sun – I’ve been looking at social media again. Even though I shouldn’t. Among the many depressing things that caught my attention (such as Texas being so “pro-life” they’ll execute anyone who isn’t) was an amusing failed Tweet…

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Is That Really Trump’s Tweet?

Interesting article over on Bill Palmer’s Palmer Report page. While Trump was in Singapore, giving away the store to Kim and otherwise making America look ridiculous, he also notoriously tweeted about his own wonderfulness for getting a “Deal” with the North Koreans. Specifically, he wrote “The fact that I am having a meeting is a…

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We’re Looking For A Few Good Reads

As always in an era of Trumpian insanity, it has been a wild week. Among the stories we’re following on the web are: Just in case you missed it, there’s an amusing development over at Twitter, where @realDonaldTrump makes his intellectual home. According to Sam Wolfson of the Guardian, 45 may no longer block anyone…

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Russian Bots Attack Parkland Students

Vicious attacks on Parkland Survivor David Hogg are not going so save Fox News  by Marc Keyser, author of TheResistance.Blog Fox News host, Laura Ingraham has her hair on fire after mocking Parkland survivor David Hogg. David is a 17 years old, and Ingraham attacked him on air for not being accepted to the top…

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Hollywood Scandal?

Here’s some quick advice: If you’re going to commit a crime, do it in Hollywood. Firstly, the weather will be nice (nobody likes committing crime in the rain), and secondly because the Hollywood PD is apparently staffed by some of the stupidest people in the universe. This is the conclusion we can draw based around their…

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