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Trump Is Responsible For This

The video here is horrible. Trump has blood on his hands.     View this post on Instagram   Posted @withrepost • @sistahsofine2 This is hard to watch there are subtitles. This mother is holding her dead child. This is what Trump has done he was the first domino to fall. #Repost @kurdishlivesmattertoo ・・・ look…

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About the Kurds Not Helping…

Mr President @realDonaldTrump, “The Soldier on the picture is my kurdish Grandfather who was fighting side by side the Americans in Normandy”. okay? Now it is time to stop Erdogan. #Kurds #Rojava pic.twitter.com/Jq7b7yGrn1 — Aji Yahya | ئەژی (@ajisaeedyahya) October 10, 2019

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This Is What Trump Did

If you still support Donald Trump, there’s blood on your hands.   This blood is on Trump and all the Republicans who refused to stop him. https://t.co/cCao7NAURS — Amanda Blount 🌊 (@amandablount2) October 10, 2019

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The Horror In Kurdistan!

From Instagram…     View this post on Instagram   I tweeted this last night and honestly wasn’t expecting this response. . . For everyone that’s been so supportive, thank you for your kind messages. . . Right now, families are trapped between bomb strikes and conflict. All we can do in diaspora is make…

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Say it, Mr. De Niro!

On the horror in Kurdistan …brought to you by Donald Trump   Here’s video of Trump attending the grand opening of Trump Tower in Turkey. Ivanka even thanked Erdogan on Twitter for this deal. Gonna say it loud and clear: TRUMP IS SELLING OUT KURDISH LIVES FOR A FUCKING HOTEL! #KurdsBetrayedByTrump pic.twitter.com/bHuCaq2Mo9 — Robert De…

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Don’t Abandon The Kurds!

Trump’s former UN ambassador accusing the president here of leaving friends to die on the battlefield. https://t.co/HthhZU8fC3 — Ken Dilanian (@KenDilanianNBC) October 7, 2019

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