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Fox News: Tucker Carlson is a Racist

Ku Klux Klan Cross Burning

VirtualReality2 host and commentator Marc Keyser President Trump is responsible for the growing, racially motivated, violent extremism leading to these acts of terror threatening the day-to-day safety of Americans; and Carlson Tucker is on Fox News spreading it. Tucker Carlson is a racist peddling President Trump’s racist, white nationalist propaganda, which is spawning Trump true…

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Tucker Carlson Questions Capitalism

We don’t like Tucker Carlson. He’s been really unpleasant to one of us (founder Matt Blanchfield) in an interview. He’s been a supporter every of Right Wing crackpot from day one. He’s spread hate and vitriol on the airwaves. And he was an early backer of Donald Trump. So we have got good reasons not…

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